Healthy Living: Is it a Goal or a Way of Life?


So what do you think about this statement: healthy isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living?  Is it fact or fiction?  Is it reality or just wishful thinking? When I first saw this image I thought how inspirational.  Being healthy shouldn’t be just a goal it should be a way of living.  But let’s face it with life always getting in the way our often good intentions to live a healthy lifestyle tends to get a little sidetracked.  And really, fast food restaurants strategically placed along every travel route makes them an easy choice for a quick meal.

But enough of excuses.  Despite the challenges of life and other obstacles, healthy can be a way of living.  It just takes effort, determination and a never give up attitude.  But before it becomes a way of living it has to become a habit.  To make it a habit you have to have a plan.  To make a plan succeed you have to have goals.  So the goal to making the statement in the picture above your reality instead of wishful thinking, or to change it from fiction into fact is to set, you know it’s coming, a GOAL.

Make healthy living your goal so it can become a way of life.

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