Healthy Natural Hair: Make it a Matter of Teamwork


Healthy hair takes a lot of work. One way to ensure that your hair stays healthy is to make your hair care routine a matter of teamwork.   But who should be part of your healthy hair team?   Here are a few suggestions.

Your Diet

Your biggest champion on your healthy hair team should be your diet.  Our hair is made up a protein called keratin.  While the actual hair strands that you see are dead, the part of the hair that is living is nourished by the food you eat.  So essentially the health of your hair is often a reflection of your diet.  The more nutritious your diet the healthier your hair will be.


What does exercise have to do with your hair? Well exercise improves your overall health. It also helps to improve circulation. And guess what, your hair is nourished through nutrients it receives from your circulation. The deeper parts of your hair strands are surrounded by a network of blood vessels that bring the necessary nutrients your follicles need to grow out those lovely locks.

Dermatologist or Trichologist

If you are experiencing any unresolved scalp issues you should consider adding a dermatologist or trichologist to your healthy hair team. Why?  Your skin is the foundation from which your hair strands grow.  If your skin is unhealthy, chances are it will affect the appearance and condition of your hair.  So there may be circumstances when your scalp needs professional attention. As naturalistas sometimes our first response to hair and scalp problems is to turn to a favorite blogger or vlogger to see if they’ve had similar issues and how they’ve managed the problem.  You may even be tempted to look on YouTube for DIY remedies.  Those approaches might work for some, but if your problem persists this may indicate that it’s time to seek advice and treatment from a qualified professional.

Social media

Believe it or not social media can even be part of your healthy hair team. In what way? Well there are lots of healthy eating and exercise challenges that you can join. Joining a social group or challenge is an excellent way of staying on track and staying motivated.

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