How to Get Defined Curls for Natural Hair


Moisture and well defined curls is what every naturally curly girl wants. Yet it seems to elude many of us, especially women with type 4C curly hair.  If getting the look of well defined curls has been your struggle then I have the tutorial for you. The video below will demonstrate how to get your curly tresses to look amazing, moisturized and well-defined.

Cosmetologist and natural hair expert Abena Palmore demonstrates a simple but effective method for getting defined curls even on those tightly coiled 4C curls. What is the key to achieving and maintaining well defined curls?  According to Abena, the key is moisture absorption.  But how do you know when your hair has absorbed enough moisture to retain its curl pattern?  Is it possible for your hair to be wet but still not absorb moisture?  These are two of four questions that this video answers and that are critical to attaining well-defined looking curls.

Check out the video below.  The technique for moisture absorption is demonstrated on a couple of different hair types, so make sure you watch the entire video.


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    This article was super helpful and on point, thank you so much. I’m reading all the other articles as well, you’re very insightful and encouraging. Thanks!!!.

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